Anigozanthus ‘Jump Pink’

(Pink Kangaroo Paw)

By September 5, 2018
Anigozanthus Pump Pink

About Anigozanthus ‘Jump Pink’

Native to Australia and a compact evergreen, Anigozanthus ‘Jump Pink’ is a hybrid plant that features sword-like foliage topped with clusters of bright pink velvety blooms. Both its bloom, resembling the paw of a Kangaroo, and its interesting leaves gives this perennial plant a lot of dimension adding variety to wherever it is planted.

Where to plant

This tough, drought tolerant plant is a great option to border a courtyard or as a garden focal point. Interestingly, the Pink Kangaroo Paw also can be found in a range of other beautiful colors such as yellow, red and orange, all of which can be found at Western Star Nursery.

Care Instructions

The Anigozanthus blooms can be expected Spring through Fall with each stem flowering only once so cutting at the base of the stem will be required to keep this plant looking fresh. The Anigozanthus foliage reach 24″ -36″ while its blooms reach 4′ tall. Overall this plant’s average height and spread reaches 18-24″ feet wide by 2-3′ feet tall and is best planted in sunny, open locations.

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Botanical Name: Anigozanthus 'Jump Pink'

Common Name: Pink Kangaroo Paw

Average Landscape Size: 2-3' x 18" - 24"

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: Pink

Foliage Color: Green

Special Features: Dramatic Color, Drought Tolerant, Tolerates Light Frost, Attracts Hummingbirds,