Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’

(Evening Glow Mirror Plant)

By November 6, 2018
Coprosma Evening Glow

About Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’

The Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’, commonly known as Evening Glow Mirror Plant, is an evergreen shrub with year-round interest. Showcasing bright green and yellow leaves Spring through Summer and with  bright oranges and reds in the Fall through the Winter makes this variety an interesting landscape option. Particularly tough in hot summer to mild winter climates, this plant’s average landscape size can be expected to reach 5 feet tall by 3-4 feet wide.

Planting Ideas

Because the Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’ showcases bright colors year-round, this variety looks great grouped with darker colored plants allowing its brightly colored foliage to brighten an otherwise dark area. You could also consider using this shrub to frame an entryway, walkway or patio.  

Care instructions

This particular plant variety flourishes well when planted in well-drained soil and requires regular watering, especially during the warmer months. It can be planted in full to partial sun and can be expected to grow in a pyramidal shape. The Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’ tolerates minimal pruning in early spring or fall and can be cut to a desired shape as opposed to its natural form.

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Botanical Name: Coprosma 'Evening Glow'

Common Name: Evening Glow Mirror Plant

Average Landscape Size: 5' x 3-4’

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: inconspicuous

Foliage Color: Multi-Colored

Special Features: Dramatic Color, Year-round Interest, Hedging Plant, Seasonal Color Change to Foliage,