Equisetum Hyemale


By January 24, 2023
Green scouring rush called Equisetum Hyemale, Horsetail, wuth grey sheath rings

About Equisetum Hyemale (Horsetail)

This herbaceous perennial is called Equisetum Hyemale. Composed of densely packed upright, green reeds that remain branchless, this scouring rush can grow up to 5′ in height with an unconstrained width. Its reeds have leaves that grow as ring-like sheaths with rough ridges that are both green and grey in color. Their texture makes it unappealing to deer making this an excellent deer deterrent plant.

This plant is known by many common names which include; Horsetail, Common Scouring rush and Rough Horsetail.

Care and planting instructions

Plant Equisetum Hyemale in an area that receives full to partial sun exposure. This variety is best when planted using well draining soil in combinations that include loam, sand and clay. This variety needs regular waterings to maintain moist soil at all times. This plant can be invasive and spreads rapidly but it can be best contained when planted in containers. Regular weeding maintenance is required to control weed overgrowth.

Landscape design ideas

This variety is complementary to rock and pond garden styles. It can also be used as a low screen or planted in containers.

Botanical Name: Equisetum Hyemale

Common Name: Horsetail

Average Landscape Size: 5' high

Plant Type: Evergreen

Foliage Color: Green grey

Forms: Rush

Special Features: Deer Resistant, Year-round Interest, Good For Container Or Ground Planting, Easy Pruning,