Hakonechloa macra All Gold

(Japanese Forest Grass)

By August 3, 2017
Image of Hakonechloa Macra All Gold

Hakonechloa macra All Gold is a bamboo-like dwarf ground cover. It boasts bright, golden, slender leaves year-round with small hidden green flowers blooming from late Summer through early Fall. Commonly known as Japanese Forest Grass, this ground cover grows 6-8″ tall by 12-18″ wide.

Hakonechloa macra All Gold is a slow grower and requires little maintenance. Plant this striking ornamental grass near the edges of a walkway or porch positioned in partial shade.

Botanical Name: Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’

Common Name: Japanese Forest Grass

Average Landscape Size: 6-8” x 12”-18”

Plant Type: Deciduous

Bloom Color: Green

Foliage Color: Yellow/Green

Special Features: Dramatic Color, Low Maintenance,