Hesperaloe parviflora

(Red Yucca)

By May 3, 2022
Long stem of the Hesperaloe parviflora orRed Yucca plant has clusters of red-rose flowers blooming from the stem.

About Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca)

This broadleaf evergreen succulent is known as Hesperaloe parviflora. Its stemless flower stalks are accompanied by blue-green grass-like foliage reaching an average landscape size of 3-4′ tall by 4-5′ wide. Its foliage that turns shades of periwinkle during the colder months has deep margins that fray at the ends. At the top of each arching stalk, clusters of rose-red colored flowers reach up to 5 feet in length. Both winter hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and drought resistant, Hesperaloe parviflora, or Red Yucca, is a low maintenance landscape variety.

Planting and care instructions

Plant Red Yucca in an area that receives full to partial sun exposure. Using well-draining soil, water regularly after planting to establish a healthy root system. Once established, this variety is drought tolerant and will require watering weekly.

Landscape design ideas 

Plant Red Yucca in multiples among other succulents or in containers framing a patio or entryway. This variety is a great addition to desert themed landscape designs or rock gardens.

Botanical Name: Hesperaloe parviflora

Common Name: Red Yucca

Average Landscape Size: 3-5' x 4-5'

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: Rose-red

Foliage Color: Green

Forms: Shrub

Sizes: 1 gallon

Special Features: Dramatic Color, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Showy Spring Flowers, Ornamental Plant, Attracts Hummingbirds,