Lavatera maritima

(Tree Mallow)

By June 3, 2024
A detailed image of a Lavatera Maritima flower with light lavender petals, magenta veining and pink stamen. Also known by Tree Mallow

About Lavatera maritima (Tree Mallow)

Lavatera maritima, commonly known as Tree Mallow is a large, mounding, evergreen shrub. Reaching an average mature landscape size of 8-12′ wide by 6-8′ tall and growing at a fast rate, this shrub is prized for its flowers that bloom year-round with its heaviest blooming happening between the spring and fall. Its light lavender colored petals feature dark purple veining with purple and yellow stamens, and are accompanied by green lobed foliage. Native to the Mediterranean region, this variety is hardy to temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

This plant is synonymous with Lavatera bicolor.

Care And Planting Instructions

Plant Tree Mallow in an area that receives full sun to partial shade sun exposure and in well-draining soil. Water regularly after planting to help it adapt well to its new location, then reduce frequency. This plant grows quickly with repeat blooming. For a cleaned up appearance, deadhead the spent blooms as needed.

Landscape Design Ideas

Tree Mallow can be used as a filler for large spaces that need to be filled quickly. An easy care plant, this variety is an excellent addition to low maintenance landscape designs or designs seeking year-round interest.

Botanical Name: Lavatera maritima

Common Name: Tree Mallow

Average Landscape Size: 8-12' X 6-8'

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: Lavendar

Foliage Color: Green

Forms: Shrub

Sizes: 1 & 5 gallon

Special Features: Low Maintenance, Showy Spring Flowers,