Oenothera berlandieri ‘Siskiyou Pink’

(Evening Primrose)

By June 6, 2022
Close up of pink and white flower from a Oenothera berlandieri 'Siskiyou Pink', Evening Primrose plant

About Oenothera berlandieri ‘Siskiyou Pink’ (Evening Primrose)

This quick spreading, easy-care plant is called Oenothera berlandieri ‘Siskiyou Pink’. Commonly known as Evening Primrose, this plant is native to the south-central United States and northern Mexico region. Growing at a fast rate, this plant can reach an average mature landscape size of 6-8″ x 12-15″. As a repeat bloomer, summer welcomes waves of saucer-shaped, 2″ wide pink flowers. Accompanied by lanceolate shaped green leaves, this herbaceous perennial is cold hardy withstanding temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Care and planting instructions

Plant Evening Primrose in an area that receives full sun using well-draining soil. Water regularly after planting to help establish its root system then reduce frequency. This plant is both cold-hardy and drought tolerant and can be left to spread on its own. Prune back in the early spring if desired to control excessive growth.

Landscape design ideas

Oenothera berlandieri ‘Siskiyou Pink’ works well when planted as a groundcover to fill bare spaces or areas difficult to water regularly. Its fast growing nature and easy to care for nature make it an excellent option when planted on slopes and left to fill out the area on its own. As a drought-tolerant plant, this variety can be used in California landscape designs seeking to reduce water usage.

Botanical Name: Oenothera berlandieri 'Siskiyou Pink'

Common Name: Evening Primrose

Average Landscape Size: 6-8" x 12-15"

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: Pink

Foliage Color: Green

Forms: Groundcover

Sizes: 1 Gallon

Special Features: Attracts Butterflies, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Waterwise, Easy Pruning, Tolerates Light Frost, Attracts Hummingbirds,