Prunus armeniaca ‘Gold Kist’

(Gold Kist Apricot Tree)

By July 12, 2022
Ripe apricots hanging on a tree branch of a Prunus armeniaca 'Gold Kist' or Gold Kist Apricot Tree

About Prunus armeniaca ‘Gold Kist’ (Gold Kist Apricot Tree)

This heat loving tree is called Prunus armeniaca ‘Gold Kist’. Prized for its juicy, flavorful apricots, this tree is considered a reliable producer of fruit. In early spring as the tree begins to produce small white blossoms, its fruit begins to grow offering a timeline of 100-120 days to harvest. As its blooming season progresses, green ovate shaped leaves with serrated edges begin to fill out the tree adding contrast to the ripening orange apricots. Reaching 10-15′ high when mature, this tree is more compact in nature than other fruiting trees such as the Bing Cherry or the Goldmine Nectarine.

Care and planting instructions

Plant Gold Kist Apricot Tree in an area that receives full sun exposure using well-draining soil. Water regularly after planting to avoid transplant shock and to help encourage the growth of a healthy root system. Once established, water weekly or more if its foliage begins to looks limp.

Landscape design ideas

Prunus armeniaca ‘Gold Kist’ is an interesting choice when used as an ornamental tree for residential landscape designs. Plant it in a sunny corner or near a window to enjoy the sweet aroma of its flowers or the fruit during harvesting season.

Botanical Name: Prunus armeniaca 'Gold Kist'

Common Name: Gold Kist Apricot Tree

Average Landscape Size: 10-15'

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: White

Foliage Color: Green

Forms: Tree

Sizes: 15 gallon

Special Features: Attracts Birds, Dramatic Color, Year-round Interest, Ornamental Plant,