Pelargonium hortorum

(Lavender Zonal Geranium)

By December 13, 2018
pelargonium hotorum

About Pelargonium hortorum:

This beautiful plant is a crowd pleaser as it boasts colorful blooms from early Spring until the first frost. Its oval green leaves grow on succulent stems finished by blooms of five petals. Commonly known as Lavender Zonal Geranium, the Pelargonium hortorum is a popular choice for both its look and its tolerance for heat.

Planting Ideas

Geraniums look great when planted in containers as they are showy all on their own. If you have an otherwise monotone landscape design, consider planting different color geraniums as a border. When considering this variety for your landscape installation, it is important to note that this plant can be poisonous to animals.

Care instructions

The Pelargonium hortorum is known to be a low maintenance plant. They are best planted in full sun to partial shade but bloom best when in full sun. To encourage more blooms, deadhead the entire flower stock after the flowers have faded. Water the plant only when the soil has become dry but be careful not to overwater or the flowers will begin to brown or wilt.

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Botanical Name: Pelargonium hortorum

Common Name: Lavender Zonal Geranium

Average Landscape Size: 10-24” x 10-15”

Plant Type: Evergreen

Bloom Color: White, Red, Pink, Purple

Foliage Color: Green

Special Features: Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Waterwise, Good For Container Or Ground Planting,