Senecio Skyscraper

(Curio ficoides 'Mount Everest')

By September 13, 2022
close up of green upright foliage on a Senecio Skyscraper succulent plant

About Senecio Skyscraper (Curio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’ PP22188)

This upright growing succulent is known as Senecio Skyscraper. Reaching a mature landscape size of 3-4′ tall by 1.5′ wide, this evergreen plant is prized for its uniqueness as an upright succulent. Its long narrow, grey-green leaves sit atop tall stalks that don’t require staking. This plant is also commonly known as Curio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’ and has many desirable landscape characteristics such as its tolerance to drought-like conditions, deer deterrence, its hardiness low of temperatures down to 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s easy care.

As part of the Southern Living plant collection, this plant has a patent number of PP22188.

Planting and care instructions

Plant Senecio Skyscraper in an area that receives full sun to partial shade exposure. Using a well draining soil, water well after planting to establish its root system then reduce frequency once established. Prune for desired shape as needed and fertilize monthly for ideal growing conditions. If planted in containers, bi-monthly fertilizer is suggested.

Landscape design ideas

Curio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’ is an ideal option in containers framing an entryway, pathway or patio. It looks great when used as a border for rock gardens, or in seaside landscapes.

Botanical Name: Senecio Skyscraper

Common Name: Curio ficoides 'Mount Everest'

Average Landscape Size: 3-4' x 1.5'

Plant Type: Evergreen

Foliage Color: Grey green

Forms: Shrub

Sizes: 5 gallon

Special Features: Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Waterwise, Year-round Interest, Tolerates Light Frost,