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Foliage closeup of Nandina domestica 'Firepower' leaves in red, green and orange colors

Nandina domestica ‘Firepower’

(Firepower Heavenly Bamboo)

About Nandina domestica 'Firepower' (Firepower Heavenly Bamboo) This multicolored landscape favorite is called Nandina domestica…
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Nandina domestica 'Lemon-Lime'

Nandina domestica ‘Lemon-Lime’™

(Nandina Lemon-Lime)

About Nandina domestica 'Lemon-Lime'™ PP24749 You may recognize this plant by its foliage shape but…
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Image of Nandina domestica 'Gulf Stream'

Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’

(Heavenly Bamboo)

This noticeable bush, Nandina domestica 'Gulf Stream', boasts a variety of colors year-round. It is…
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blooming Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' or Walker's Low Catmint blooming near a sidewalk

Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’

(Walker's Low Catmint)

About Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low' (Walker's Low Catmint) This herbaceous summertime bloomer is called…
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Nerium Oleander 'White' (White Oleander)

Nerium oleander ‘White’

(White Oleander)

About Nerium oleander ‘White’ (White Oleander) This evergreen shrub is known as Nerium oleander ‘White’.…
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