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Image of Hakonechloa Macra 'All Gold', Japanese Forest Grass

Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’

(Japanese Forest Grass)

About Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold' (Japanese Forest Grass) Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold' is a bamboo-like…
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Close up of Hemerocallis Russian Rhapsodypurple flower

Hemerocallis ‘Russian Rhapsody’

(Purple Daylily)

About Hemerocallis 'Russian Rhapsody' (Purple Daylily) This beautiful repeat bloomer is called Hemerocallis 'Russian Rhapsody'.…
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Long stem of the Hesperaloe parviflora orRed Yucca plant has clusters of red-rose flowers blooming from the stem.

Hesperaloe parviflora

(Red Yucca)

About Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca) This broadleaf evergreen succulent is known as Hesperaloe parviflora. Its stemless…
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Heuchera x 'Carnival Limeade'

Heuchera x ‘Carnival Limeade’

(Carnival Limeade Coral Bells)

About Heuchera x 'Carnival Limeade' This mounding perennial is known as Heuchera x 'Carnival Limeade'.…
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Green Heuchera sanguinea 'Splendens', Coral Bells, with red bell shaped flowers

Heuchera sanguinea ‘Splendens’

(Coral Bells)

About Heuchera sanguinea 'Splendens' (Coral Bells) This evergreen perennial is called Heuchera sanguinea 'Splendens'. Commonly…
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Variegated foliage and yellow flower of aHypericum moserianum, Tricolor St. Johns wort

Hypericum moserianum ‘Tricolor’

(Tricolor St. John's Wort)

About Hypericum moserianum 'Tricolor' (Tricolor St. John's Wort) This deciduous shrub is known as Hypericum…
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